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About dubbing

You must be wondering...

How do I pursue a career in voice acting?

Entering the voice acting industry often starts with completing voice dubbing courses offered by various institutions. However, success in this field depends on personal opportunities and abilities.

While we cannot endorse specific training programs due to potential conflicts of interest, we can provide general advice:

A. Explore voice dubbing training courses offered by television stations, although admission may be selective and availability irregular.

B. Look into other courses that offer focused training programs without additional fees.

These courses are typically taught by experienced voice dubbing instructors. Consider researching the instructors' backgrounds as you search for suitable training options.

Do you offer recommendations for voice dubbing work?

Our focus is on advocating for industry worker rights and improving working conditions. As such, we do not provide job referrals or recommendations at this time.

How can I collaborate with your association?

Please click here to contact us and fill out the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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