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The Labour Union of Dubbing of Hong Kong was established on September 20, 2015. Its members are engaged in the Cantonese voice acting industry in Hong Kong, including directors, voice actors, translators, and scriptwriters, many of whom are freelance workers. Currently, there are over 70 members dedicated to improving the working conditions and promoting the healthy development of the industry.

The Cantonese voice dubbing industry in Hong Kong has gained recognition from audiences over the years, with numerous popular dubbed dramas and cartoons. The voices of many voice actors have become nostalgic memories for Hong Kong people and have become iconic. This achievement resulted from the collective efforts of professionals in various positions within the industry, especially during a time when the local television industry did not produce enough self-produced programs, and dubbed programs played a significant role. Many veteran voice actors and professionals have laid a solid foundation for the voice dubbing industry, making it a desirable profession for young people.

However, with the transformation of the television industry, most TV stations and channels now outsource the voice-acting process. As a result, the number of freelance voice actors has increased, but the market has not naturally adjusted to create a conducive and healthy employment model. Freelance voice actors face issues such as compensation, working conditions, payment methods, and timely remuneration, among others. The situation is far from ideal, and there is an urgent need for improvement, which led to the establishment of the union.

The union, formerly known as "聲級行動" was a collective effort by numerous voice actors to fight for their rights. With a long-term vision in mind, the union was officially established to contribute to the long-term interests and development of the industry. Since Cantonese is closely related to the industry's development, the union's goals not only include advocating for the rights of professionals but also promoting the Cantonese language. This endeavor undoubtedly benefits the industry's development and contributes to the preservation of local culture.

Members of the Union throughout periods.


Chairman - 黃志明 | Vice Chairman -黎家希 | Secretary - 周文瑛 Treasurer - 楊啟健 | Secretary - 姜嘉蕾 | Secretary - 李家輝|
Secretary - 何偉誠 | Secretary - 莊巧兒 | Secretary - 陳建豪 Secretary - 張振熙 | Honorary consultant - Mr. Ding Yu


Chairman - 黎家希 | Vice Chairman - 姜嘉蕾 | Secretary - 周文瑛 Treasurer - 楊啟健 | Secretary - 黃志明 | Secretary - 簡懷甄
Secretary - 王綺婷 | Secretary - 吳梅 | Secretary - 張振熙 Secretary - 馮詠恩 | Honorary consultant - Mr. Ding Yu



Chairman - 周恩恩 | Vice Chairman - 姜嘉蕾 | Secretary - 簡懷甄 Deputy Secretary - 張振熙 | Treasurer - 李家傑 | Secretary - 王慧珠| Secretary - 梁皓翔 | Secretary - 杜景煜 | Secretary - 黃樂維| Secretary- 馮詠恩 | Honorary Advisor - Mr. Louis Koo|

Honorary Advisor - Mr. Ding Yu | Honorary Legal Advisor - Prof.Albert So

Chairman - 周恩恩 | Vice Chairman - 姜嘉蕾 | Secretary - 張雪儀 Deputy Secretary - 王慧珠 | Treasurer - 趙錦標 | Secretary - 簡懷甄 | Secretary - 杜景煜 | Secretary - 張振熙 | Secretary - 馮詠恩 | Honorary Consultant - Mr. Louis Koo | Honorary Consultant - Mr. Ding Yu

Honorary Legal Advisor - Prof.Albert So


Chairman - 姜嘉蕾| Vice Chairman - 周倚天| Secretary - 簡懷甄| Deputy Secretary - 杜景煜| Treasurer - 張振熙 | Secretary - 楊婉潼
Secretary - 石梓晴 | Secretary - 李家傑 | Secretary - 馮詠恩| Honorary Advisor - Mr. Ding Yu


Chairman - 周倚天 | Vice Chairman - 杜景煜 | Secretary - 顧詠雪 Deputy Secretary - 簡懷甄 | Treasurer - 姜嘉蕾 | Secretary - 張振熙|
Secretary - 陳成港 | Secretary - 廖杏茵 | Secretary - 竺諺鴻 Secretary - 子瑩 | Honorary Advisor - Mr. Ding Yu

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