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Join the Union

Those who are engaged or employed as Cantonese voice dubbing directors, voice actors/actresses, translators, or scriptwriters are eligible to apply for membership in the union.

Join the Union

To be eligible for membership, one must be a voice actor or work in a related field of voice acting, and not have a specific employer

Fill out the application form and submit the relevant documents.

Recommended by either two officers or two members along with one officer and approved by the executive committee.

Pay the membership fee and receive the membership card.

Complete membership application



Application Form

You can fill out the application form here and wait for a response from our staff regarding the outcome of the review.



To apply for membership in the union, you need to submit a membership application form. The application must be recommended by two executive committee members or two existing members along with one executive committee member, and approved by the executive committee. Once the membership fee is paid and the membership card is issued, the applicant becomes a member of the union.

If the information provided by the applicant is found to be inconsistent with the truth, the executive committee reserves the right to revoke their membership.

If the information submitted by the applicant is inconsistent with the facts, the board of directors has the right to cancel the applicant's membership qualification.

Membership fee

The annual membership fee is HKD 200 per person, payable upon joining the union and subsequently in July each year. If a member joins the union in a month other than July, the membership fee will be prorated based on the remaining quarters of the year.


  1. Exclusive discounts and offers at partner stores.

  2. Access to participate in experiential courses organized by the union, as well as various groups or organizations.

  3. Receive exquisite commemorative items from the union.

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